Nigel Caigou

Licensee Salesperson

Nigel Caigou (it’s pronounced kay-go, by the way) is a unique real estate agent in the true sense of the word. Nigel started his career in civil engineering which suited his keen eye for detail. He subsequently spent most of his career in property maintenance, including interior design and fit-outs. It would be fair to say that Nigel knows buildings inside out. 
But Nigel's expertise is really about working with people. This has been gained from running property maintenance businesses in Australia, NZ and the UK. So to continue his "working with people" theme, he is now enjoying working in real estate. And he’s selling real estate all over Auckland because in a previous life he’s worked with people all over Auckland to secure the very best property maintenance contracts they needed.
Nigel has heaps of experience negotiating contracts successfully for some very important people in some very important companies; like Nestle, Griffins, Fonterra, Landcorp and Cadbury to name but a few. In fact, he reckons he’s probably negotiated more contracts than any other real estate agent in New Zealand. Getting the best price for his vendors, therefore, is second nature. He certainly has years of experience dealing with large sums of money for people. And let’s face it, a house sale is pretty much everyone’s largest sum of money.
Once you get to know him, you’ll soon realize that Nigel never does anything by halves. He’s raced motorbikes (on the same model bike as the famous world champion Barry Sheen), flown gliders, parachuted and won the NZ Porsche Series championship, plus he’s a Vespa enthusiast. That’s just a few of his personal accomplishments. He currently plays classical guitar and still drives a Porsche around the race track as well as instructing others in the art of motor racing. 
It’s a wonder he’s had time to be the devoted family man that he is too. Nigel would probably say that for him work and play are seamlessly joined together and he makes the most of it all. Just as he always made the most of living in Devonport.
Nigel and his wife moved to Auckland almost 30 years ago and fell in love with Devonport villas. They bought a do-up as soon as they could and they’ve certainly done it up beautifully since moving in, in 1991. They’ve also enjoyed bringing up their family here, sending the children to Stanley Bay Primary and Takapuna Grammar. 
All in all, if you want a real estate agent like no other, talk to Nigel. You’ll both enjoy the experience.

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